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High class restaurant with traditional “Azeri Tendir”, live music, its own wine cellars and VIP rooms inside.
Firuze is located straightly in the center of the city, on the “Fountain Square”. The interior is made of national patterns, paintings, exclusive carpets and other national elements.
Restaurant allocates 5 minutes walk from Maiden Tower in a historical center of Old City. Many people write on the internet that this place serves Turkish Cuisine and
Fayton restaurant is a colorful and authentic Azerbaijan cuisine restaurant, which is located in the centre district near Opera House.
This time we had our little gastronomic quest to a place where the silk way was passing in ancient times.
If you don’t know that this place exists, you will never know about it, if only the “word of mouth” didn't whisper its location.

Food > Cafe & Pubs
There are lots of pubs in Baku you can visit during your stay starting from the luxury, designer pubs to the cheapest and simplest. If you don’t want to spend a big sum for your food and beverages, then it’s better to drink in the cheap pubs, which still preserve quality and good service. Here are some I recommend to visit.

Crowdy and noisy place at evenings, but cheap. Popular place among Azerbaijani activist youngsters.
Khirdalan, Natakhtari – 1.2 AZN. Efes – 2.5 AZN   101 Hazi Aslanov
Noisy for most of the time, but has the cheap beer for 1 AZN (Khirdalan beer).  Also they serve black beer for 1 AZN.
Khirdalan – 1 AZN; Efes – 2 AZN; Erdinger – 3.5 AZN   127 Alovsat Guliyev str.
 Not crowdy and my favorite among these pubs. If you are with a girl and you want calmer and cozy condition, then go to the green room that is on the right side.
Here you can get a 0.5L “Zhigulevskaya” (short: Zhiquly) – draft beer made in Baltika Azerbaijan factory – for 1 AZN. Khirdalan (Azerbaijani beer) costs 1.2 AZN. You can order a plate of sprats for 1 AZN , cheese for 2.5 AZN or shrimp for 6 AZN as a snack.
 Zhigulevskaya, Falken – 1 AZN; Khirdalan – 1.2 AZN; Tuborg – 2 AZN    195 Bashir Safaroghlu str.

 Brand new pub with a good background music. You can meet some interesting bikers here at evenings. Enjoy your time with your friends or lover drinking a beer that costs 1.5 AZN.
 Khirdalan: 1.7 AZN; Natakhtari (Georgian beer): 1.5 AZN; Efes Draft: 2.5 AZN
Either you are coming to Baku as a tourist or expat or maybe to study, you have to get some information on the prices and the overall cost of living.
In this article you can get an overview of the average prices in Baku, so you can prepare yourself beforehand. Baku is an expensive city, so be sure that you have enough funds to maintain your food, accommodation and entertainment activities altogether.
Food > Special
Qurmns Resturant Café
Desi food.


Every type of food items,meat, species etc. are available at almost all departmental stores.
Bazar Store
Rahat Store
Fresh Mart

Below is an idea of Grocery price:
Egg (10): 1 AZN
Bread: 0.40 AZN
Beef (1kg): 8 AZN
Lamb (1kg): 10 AZN
Chicken (1kg): 3 AZN
Potato (1kg): 0.70 AZN
Cucumber (1kg): 0.50 AZN
Tomato (1kg): 0.80 AZN
Banana (1kg): 2.50 AZN
Apple (1kg): 1.50 AZN
Milk (1 L): 1.50 AZN
Döner (Turkish fast-food): 1.50 – 2 AZN
Cheese (1kg): 5 –
Coca-Cola/Fanta/Sprite (1 L): 0.60 AZN
Ayran (Azerbaijani delicious yoghurt juice): 0.50 AZN
Good Azerbaijani Red Wine: 12 AZN
Business lunch: 5 – 10 AZN
Beer (at pubs): 2 AZN (cheapest)
Beer (Khirdalan): 1.20 AZN

There are many shopping malls in Baku. Some are very famous and unique their trade wise.Some famous malls are:

Named after nearby metro station “28 May” and being located in one of the most vibrant districts of Baku, 28 Mall presents around 70 international and local brands and 16 coffee shops and restaurants. 28 Cinema – the most popular cinema in the capital city is also located there. 350 car parking spaces are available.
27 Azadlig str., Baku 27 Azadlig str., Baku


MetroPark offers around 60 clothing, accessories, cosmetics, perfume and electronics brands, 15 cafes and restaurants and children entertainment areas. It is located opposite Narimanov metro station and offers 350 parking spaces. It also features Park Cinema on the 6th floor.
Email: Email:
44 Tabriz str., Baku 44 Tabriz str., Baku


park bulvar
Located in Baku Boulevard, Park Bulvar will be a very convenient option if you want to do several things in the same day: see appealing Caspian seashore, take a boat tour, go to the amusement park and of course visit a shopping mall. The biggest hotels in the city such as JW Marriott, Hilton and Park Inn are also located nearby. Park Bulvar opened its doors to visitors in 2010 and is very popular among Baku residents. Around 550 parking spaces are available in the basement. Six hall Park Cinema is functioning on the 4th floor of the building.
Email: Email:
Neftchilar avenue, Seafront Boulevard, Baku Neftchilar avenue, Seafront Boulevard, Baku

port baku mall
Opened in 2014, Port Baku is considered the largest and the newest shopping mall of Baku. It features more than 300 glorious brands of outfit, accessories, cosmetics and perfume and a lot more. Port Baku Mall is a part of the Port Baku complex that also includes Port Baku Residence and Port Baku Towers business area.
Email: Email:
153 Neftchilar avenue, Baku 153 Neftchilar avenue, Baku


TsUM Shopping Store (MUM)
It is the largest departmental store in Baku, located right in the centre of town in Fountain Square. It is a one-stop shopping centre for everything you want on a regular basis plus more. It offers a wide variety of services from locally produced goods, handicrafts and branded goods, to items of daily consumption.
Address: 5 Ali Bairamov Street, Baku, Azerbaijan
Tel.: +994 12 944390
Nizami Street 

Nizami Street is one of the most famous shopping streets in Baku and is well known for its variety of shops ranging from supermarkets to small shops selling souvenirs. The street is named after famous Persian poet Nizami Ganjavi.
Address: Nizami Street, Baku, Azerbaijan
Tel.: +994 12 370000, +94 12 370065

Fountain Square Fountain Square is in the very heart of Baku city, where you can find a number of high-end shops, expensive and classy restaurants and hotels.
Address: Fountain Square, Baku, Azerbaijan
Tel.: +994 12 370000
Americana Supermarket
This supermarket mostly sells products exported from US, Dubai and India. Quality of the products is good with prices cheaper than its competitors.
Address:81 Nizami Street, Baku, Azerbaijan
Address: 22 Hussein Javid Avenue, Baku, Azerbaijan
Tel.: +994 12 981931, +994 12 386739

This is the biggest supermarket in Baku with five branches spread over the city. Both locally produced and products imported from neighbouring countries such as Turkey can be found here.
Address 1: 1129 Babek Avenue, Hatayi District, Baku, Azerbaijan
Address 2: 20/116 B. Nuriyev, Baku, Azerbaijan
Address 3: Fizuli, Baku, Azerbaijan
Address 4: Fountain square, Baku, Azerbaijan
Address 5: 528 H. Javid, Baku, Azerbaijan
Tel.: +994 12 906886, +994 12 738088, +994 12 958931, +994 12 971727, +994 12 975256

Big Bazaar
Big Bazaar in Lankaran offers some of best items of clothing in Azerbaijan. As you travel through the interconnected streets, you can shop for handicrafts, souvenirs, and traditional items, along with clothes.
At the many handicraft selling shops and streets, one should try searching for Zanbil, which is a type of a basket made through the process of weaving. The baskets come in various sizes like large bags, small purses, etc.
Tohuma Jorab
Tohuma Jorab is knitted socks traditional to Azerbaijan. Made by women of the Talish community, they come in bright colours and are to be worn in the winter season. Prices vary according to the length of the socks.
Lankaran Tea 
Every tourist who visits Lankaran remembers to buy the traditional “Chay” or tea, a speciality of the city. The city produces the best Tea in the country, which can be bought as a gift for relatives and friends.
Every city in Azerbaijan has its own unique bazaar and Sheki is no exception. You will find food, handicrafts, spices, etc at the bazaar. If you are not from Azerbaijan, tag along with an Azerbaijani friend so that you can bargain with the shopkeepers for a more favourable price.
At the Bazaar, Caravansarai and tourist areas and at the Handicraft Association headquarters you will be able to find manyShebeke or stained glass items along with Persian carpets, copper and iron articles and musical instruments.
Sheki lies along the Silk Road route and has had a flourishing silk industry for many, many years. You can buy a variety of silk items such as scarves known as kalagayi. These scarves are available at shops, bazaars and at Caravansarai.

If you are asking for international students, yes, they can find several jobs. But it is not as easy as more developed countries.
For example, if you speak any internationally recognized language, you can easily find a job in language centers and get paid better than local teachers. You can also work as a translator.

Cinema: 4 – 8 AZN
Azerbaijan Academic Drama Theatre: starting from 6 AZN
Theatre of Opera and Ballet: 11 AZN – 16 AZN
Theatre of Young Spectator: 6 AZN
Russian Drama Theatre: 6 AZN or more
It is not a secret that one of the most important reasons to visit Azerbaijan is its beautiful location on the shore of the Caspian Sea together with the number of beautiful beaches. Currently, there are 12 beach areas on the Absheron peninsula, but, unfortunately, some of them have pollution issues.  This article will guide you through the list of beaches you can visit to make your vacation full of waves.

Let’s start with a completely new, but already proven itself as as a popular one – NOIZ beach. NOIZ is located in a place called Turkan, 25 minutes by car from the center of Baku. The founders who created the paradise on the Caspian coast will provide you with free transportation that runs from the Samed Vurgun park/ 28 May three times a day (14:00 / 18:00 / 24:00) to the beach and once (morning hour) back to the city center. Do not forget that these routes are active only during the events days, so, it is better for you to follow the social media pages to know the exact days.
What can you experience? Clean beach, beautiful landscape, bar with various drinks and, most importantly, excellent music! Every weekend there will perform local and foreign music bands and DJs and new events will be organized. Do not forget swimsuits and your excellent mood.
 Gimmenoiz   Gimmenoiz

The wild beaches of Azerbaijan have a special feature. The entrance to these beach areas is mostly free, but in case you need sunbeds or tables with chairs, you have to pay for them. The price is about 5-7 AZN and it almost does not change depending on the location.  You can always order tea with all sorts of jams, national cuisine and there are people who are selling corn and other snacks. Still, you can take any foods and snacks with you.

Mardakan Beach
The best wild beaches you can find are mainly located in Mardakan, where the sand is clean and the water is smooth. Here you can also ride a scooter or just order a table to sit, chill and eat snacks. To get to the beach use the bus #184 (6 stops) or #36 (6 stops) from the “Ulduz” metro station and then change it to the bus #136 (14 stops). The ride will take an hour and will cost you 0,55 AZN.
Another place where you can enjoy the perfect soft and hot sand and splash in the warm water is Novkhany. The place is very lively, as there are many cafes, restaurants and people. The beach is situated quite far from the city center, but if you are the person who loves noisy places this one is for you. From the “Ulduz” metro station you have to use bus #38 (9 stops), then bus #133 (11 stops) and at the end #123 (17 stops). Here you are! It takes you about an hour and 40 minutes and 0,70 AZN to go one way.
Bilgah is another place with clean beach that is one of local favorites. Besides free-entrance beach area, here you can find luxury swimming pools and other summer entertainments. To visit, use the bus #184 (6 stops) from the “Ulduz” station and then change it to bus #171 (19 stops). 50 minutes ride and 0,60 AZN and you are right on the place!

Luxury beaches in Azerbaijan have high-level and wide range of services. Pools, SPAs, entertainment and variety of local and foreign cuisine. This is only a small part of what they can offer you. Here we made a list of the three most famous and top-ranking places in the territory of Azerbaijan to spend your beach holiday on the top level.
Located in the Bilgah, this place offers guests swimming pools, a bar, located on the territory of the club, a varied menu and much more, and most importantly, all this with access to the sea.
Monday: 20AZN
Tuesday- Friday – 23 AZN
Sunday, Saturday – 28 AZN
 Amburan Beach Club   Amuran Beach Club

Another complex located in Bilgah is a five-star hotel with various swimming pools and a relaxation area for guests. At your disposal, there are restaurants of local and international cuisine, bars, a club and many other entertainments. Well, as always, there is, most importantly, the warm Azerbaijani sun and velvety sand underfoot.
Weekdays: adults – 35 / children – 20
Weekends: adults – 40 / children – 25
For children under 3 – free
Bilgah Beach Hotel   Bilgah Beach Hotel   Bilgah Beach Hotel

In the picturesque village of Nardaran, there is also a stunning swimming pool, mini cinema, various sections, as well as a beautiful coast and the opportunity to ride a scooter.
Price: 25 AZN all days
For children under 10 – free

Baku Bathhouses
Bayil Castle
Bukhara caravanserai
Gyz Galasy
Icheri Sheher
Juma Mosque
Multani Caravanserai
Murad`s Gate
Shirvanshah Palace
St. Myrrhbearers Cathedral
Synyk-Kala Mosque
Towers of Absheron
Tuba-Shakhi Mosque
Ateshgah Temple
Gobustan Rock Drawings
Yanar Dag
Azerbaijan Carpet Museum
Azerbaijan National History Museum
Baku Layover Guide
Baku Metro
Baku Mosques
Baku Sights
Restaurants and Cafes
Vicinity of Baku

Getting Sim Card

Major mobile operators.

  • Azercell
  • Bakcell
  • Azerfon (Nar Mobile)
  • Catel
  • Delta Telecom
  • Baktelecom

Required Documents to buy sim card:
Bring your passport, your phone so they can set it up for you, and your form of payment, cash or Credit card.

There are three packages at Azercell: 30 manat for 10 GB, 17 manat for 10GB and minutes, and 10 manat for 10 GB and no minutes.
A 10 GB package will last most people a week or even two. I am a heavy data user (I am constantly uploading and downloading large audio files while backing up photos to Dropbox and streaming Hulu) but even I find it easy to make 10 GB last about 10 days to 14 days.


There is e system for electric, gas and water etc.
You can pay your utility bill through machines installed outside all big stores through your code.


You can buy metro/bus card anywhere at metro station or bus station. There is also an airport shuttle service available who charge 1.30 Azn/person.
Bus: 0.20 AZN
Metro: 0.20 AZN
Taxi: 0.70 AZN/1 km*
1 L gasoline: 0.70 – 1 AZN
Taxi from airport to the city center:
 First 10 km – 0.70 AZN/km, second 10 km – 0.40 AZN/km, third 10 km – 0.20 AZN/km
Cost for Energy:
Electric: 0.06 AZN/1kW
Gas: 0.10 AZN/1m3
Sewerage: 0.30 AZN monthly/person
Water: 0.30 AZN/1m3