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Health Needs

Physical activity or exercise can improve your health and reduce the risk of developing several diseases like cardiovascular disease, weak immunity, tension, muscle weakness etc. Physical activity and exercise can have immediate and long-term health benefits. Most importantly, regular activity can improve your quality of life.
In Baku there are various fitness clubs, sports, kick boxing, fitness grounds, open gyms etc. are available throughout the city where you can exercise freely.
Famous Fitness Clubs:
Powerhouse Gym
AF Mall, Samad Vurgun 34, 2d floor. Səməd Vurğun
The Club Port Baku
153 Neftchilar Ave
Best Gym
Nizami Küçəsi
Ulvi Bunyad-Zadeh Street
Lady Fitness
Health club
9 Yusif Vazir Chamanzaminli

There are two types of hospitals like in other countries, state run or public hospitals and other are private hospitals.
Public healthcare
Public hospitals are run by the state and medical care is offered free of charge for Azerbaijani residents. Pediatric and adult polyclinics offering outpatient services and specialized clinics/hospitals offering inpatient services are the public facilities.

Private healthcare
Private healthcare in Azerbaijan is a bit expensive but equipped with all major facilities and also they speak English to assist you.
A number of pharmacies known as aptek in Baku are operating in the main cities of the country, especially in Baku most of them are open 24/7.
Health Emergency
1st city clinic hospital  
Baku city, Mirqasımov str., 1 
Reception: Phone: 495-53-50, 495-49-17

2nd city clinic hospital  
Baku city, Y. Safarov str., 19 
Reception: Phone: 490-11-50

3rd city clinic hospital  
Baku city, Sabunch sett. Mammadaliyev str., 20 
Reception: Phone: 450-18-69

4th city clinic hospital  
Baku city, Fuzuli str., 61 
Reception: Phone: 495-85-61

5th city clinic hospital  
Baku city, F. Khoyski str., 101 
Reception: Phone: 441-44-71

6th United City Hospital  
Baku city, Azadlig ave, 195 
Reception: Phone: 412-06-15

7th United City Hospital  
Baku city, Mashagha settlement N. Narimanov str., 41 
Reception: Phone: 455-05-16, 455-03-23

8th United City Hospital  
Baku city, Nardaran settlement Absheron str., 1 
Reception: Phone: 451-25-27

9th United City Hospital  
Baku city, Buta settlement. Sovet str., 9 
Reception: Phone: 545-85-68

11th United City Hospital  
Baku city, Y. Safarov str., 10 
Reception: Phone: 475-65-49

12th United City Hospital  
Baku city, New Surakhani settlement V. Khalilov str., 1 
Reception: Phone: 458-70-67

14th United City Hospital  
Baku city, Buzovna settlement. R.Akhundov str.2a 
Reception: Phone: 453-21-77, 453-09-58

16th United City Hospital
 Baku city, M. Qashqay str., 42 
Reception: Phone: 440-65-11

17th United City Hospital  
Baku city, Gobustan settlement 
Reception: Phone: 544-45-41

19th United City Hospital  
Baku city, Lokbatan settlement Nizami str., 9 
Reception: Phone: 445-23-26, 445-22-83

23rd United City Hospital  
Baku city, Beach coast. B. Aliyev str., 39 
Reception: Phone: 446-18-29, 446-17-47

26th United City Hospital  
Baku city, Mardakan settlement R. Gasimov str., 6 
Reception: Phone: 454-29-91, 454-44-59

28th United City Hospital 
Baku city, Bilgah settlement. H. Hacıagha str., 21 
Reception: Phone: 455-68-91

29th United City Hospital  
Building sett. F. Eynulov str. turn 2 
Reception: Phone: 456-37-69

32nd United City Hospital 
Baku city, Keshla settlement. Sabir str.61 
Reception: Phone: 514-68-36

Republican Clinical Hospital named after Mirqasımov 
Baku city, Sharifzade str, 212 
Reception: Phone: 431-98-41, 433-47-36

Clinical Medical Center  
Baku city, Mirqasımov str.1 
Reception: Phone: 495-28-86

Republican Clinical Urology Hospital 
Baku city, Zargarpalan str., 4 
Reception: Phone: 492-24-17

Hospital of Physicians' Improvement Institute 
Baku city, Sabunchu sett. S. Huseyn str., 10 
Reception: Phone: 450-50-20

Central clinical hospital
Baku city, Parliament ave., 76 
Reception: Phone: 492-10-92

Self supported Republican Urology Hospital  
Baku city, Rafili str., 12 
Reception: Phone: 440-15-37

Central seamen hospital 
Baku city, H. Sultanov str., 19 
Reception: Phone: 438-33-13

Central oilmen hospital  
Baku city, Y. Safarov str., 17 
Reception: Phone: 490-12-03, 490-12-47

Republican hospital of labor and war veterans  
Baku city, Mardakan settlement B. Aliyev str., 7 
Reception: Phone: 454-40-51, 454-44-96

Hospital "Azersutikinti" trust  
Baku city, Babek avenue, 111a, 2376th quarter 
Reception: Phone: 475-51-75

City clinical traumatalogy and orthopedic hospital  
Baku city, Mardanov Brothers' str., 2 
Reception: Phone: 493-22-27, 493-91-15

1st Curative Rehabilitation Hospital 
Baku city, Bibiheybat settlement .N. Guliyev str.39 
Reception: Phone: 491-23-78

2nd Curative Rehabilitation Hospital 
Baku city, Surakhani settlement S. Bahlulzada str.12 
Reception: Phone: 452-09-51

Central Hospital of Railway workers 
Baku city, Bilajari set. R. Ismayilov str. 5025th quarter 
Reception: Phone: 430-60-59, 430-77-53

1st United Railway Hospital 
Baku city, Pushkin str.26 
Reception: Phone: 499-42-34

Railway Hospital 
Baku city, Alat settlement 
Reception: Phone: 544-07-99

1st Children Infectious Diseases Hospital 
Baku city, Sh. Mirzayev str.66 
Reception: Phone: 421-61-70, 421-36-83

2nd Children Clinical Hospital 
Baku city, S. Vurghin str.956th quarter 
Reception: Phone: 495-38-78, 495-38-56

3td Children Clinical Hospital 
Baku city, Z. Aliyeva ave., 42 
Reception: Phone: 493-49-80

4th United Children Hospital
Baku city, Lokbatan settlement May 28 str.30 
Reception: Phone: 445-31-12, 445-34-18

5th United Children Infectious Diseases Hospital 
Baku city, Bakikhanov str. S. Shushinski str.6 
Reception: Phone: 425-38-85

6th Children Clinical Hospital  
Baku city, Koroghlu str.11 
Reception: Phone: 566-33-15, 564-83-05

7th Children Infectious Diseases Hospital 
Baku city, Qarabagh str.69 
Reception: Phone: 496-84-44, 496-15-38

8th United Children's Hospital 
Baku city, T. Bayramov str.2 
Reception: Phone: 452-19-43, 452-44-74

9th United Children's Hospital 
Baku city, Gobustan settlement Akhundov str., 3 
Reception: Phone: 544-45-31

11th Children Lungs Diseases Hospital  
Baku city, Alekberov brothers' str., 92 
Reception: Phone: 491-13-44

12th United Children's Hospital 
Baku city, Mardakan settlement B. Aliyev str., 11 
Reception: Phone: 454-53-77, 454-35-96

Republican Children Clinical Hospital 
Baku city, H. Zardabi str., 78 
Reception: Phone: 431-61-57

Children Basin Hospital 
Baku city, Nizami str.135 
Reception: Phone: 598-55-11

Children Railway Hospital 
Baku city, Mardakan settlement 
Reception: Phone: 454-23-98

Children Neurological Hospital 
Baku city, T. Shahbazi str., 95 
Reception: Phone. 439-15-18

Republican Neurosurgery Hospital
Baku city, Khatai district, Ahmedli settlement. Kh.Mammadov str.2
Phone: (012) 471-52-02
Fax: (012) 471-20-54

Ophtalmatologic Hospital of Main Healthcare dept 
Baku city, Jalil Mammadquluzade str. 71 
Phone: (+994 12) 4953539 
Fax: (+994 12) 4972074

Clinical Mental Hospital 
Baku city, Gurban Abbasov str 
Phone: (+994 12) 4911153

Central Basin Hospital named after M. Gadirli
Baku city, Sultanov str
Phone: (+994 12) 4382151, 4385068, 4388077

Hospital of emergency medical services named after Musa Naghiyev
Baku city, Mardanov brothers str. 19 
Phone: (+994 12) 4952886, 4953073

Massage Centers & Spa
Fitness Mania Wellness&Spa
Demirchi Tower, Avenue,, 37 Khojali Avenue

Miss Fitness
Baku Professsional Karate-do Academy

Inn Spa & Fitness (Holiday Inn)
5 Keykab Khanim Safaraliyeva St

Health club
14 Nakhchivani St

Astoria Baku Fitness & SPA
13 Ajami Nakhchivani

 Beauty Salon
28 мая д.64/15, 64 28 May St

She Fitness and Wellness
117C Mardanov Gardashlari


Baku, Azerbaijan: National / Republic stadium, named after Tofig Bahramov, home to the Azeri football team - bleachers - terrace - tier - photo by N.MahmudovaIn Baku you'll find both covered and open air venues for the major sports. Some specialized stadia also exist, such as the velodrome (cycle track) as well as a few swimming pools.
The national / republic stadium, named after Tofig Bakhramov, is the home to the Azeri football team. The stadium, built in 1951 was designed by architects Consiarsi, Isayev and Sergeyev on a hill side overlooking the sea. It is also used to host concerts and other cultural events.
Azerbaijan - Baku: marina and yacht club - photo by Miguel TorresThe Azeri army has numerous and good sports installations, both in Baku and across the country, (some in the western part of the country they kindly allow the Armenians to use).
A marina and yacht club was built but is currently mostly empty. In the best Suharto style, it is owned by the presidential family. Certainly once new-Azeris are bored of showing their purple Hummers around the city they will discover the joys of yachting. The facilities are rented by the noveau-riche for their parties. 

Republic Stadium - T. Bakhramov 
Saint-Petersburg av. 
Tel. 641507
Trudoviye Reservy Stadium 
58 Moscow av. 
Tel. 676194
Glavbakstroy Sports Palace 
Block 3097, Darnagyul, 370108 
Tel. 626544
109 Narimanov av.

Army Sport Club Stadium 
1 H. Javid 
Tel. 392057
Cycle Track 
Block 3007, Tbilisi av. 
Tel. 317862
Technical University Sports Palace 
25 Azizbayov av., 370073 
Tel. 389456
Swimming pools (covered) 
6A Narimanov av.


Football / Soccer (Futbol)


Football (soccer) is Azerbaijan's most popular sport. Football clubs attract a large following. The perspective of a career in football is very appealing to many youths. Some of the best players have been 'exported'.
'AFFA', the national association takes part in all competitions organized by FIFA and UEFA at senior and youth level, though results have been slow to appear, even if several naturalized foreign players were recruited.
International football matches with either the Armenian national team or Armenian clubs have proved problematic, e.g. for the EURO 2008 qualifying competition "as no suitable compromise could be found between the two associations it was decided to cancel the two matches", further UEFA decided to "award both associations zero points for the games".
The local first division championship is called the the 'AFFA Supreme League' or 'Yuksak Liqa'. It was started in 1992, after the dissolution of USSR. It is organized by the 'Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan'.
In Baku the 'Neftchy Football Club' (PFC Neftchi) has been the most successful in recent years, winning the national championship a few times (1991/2, 1995/6 and 1996/7, 2003/4, 2003/5) and also the Azeri Cup in 1994/95, 1995/96, 1998/99, 2001/02, 2003/04. Neftchi also managed to win the Commonwealth Cup (CIS Cup) in 2006. It is based at the Tofig Bakhramov Republican Stadium. They are nicknamed the "Ak-qaralar", i.e. Black-Whites.
Neftchi's main rivals in Baku are FK Baku (BakiI Futbol Klubu), they took the 2004/5 Azerbaijan Cup and the 2006/7 championship. FK Baku also plays at the Tofig Bakhramov Stadium. Baku's two underdogs are FC Inter Baku (their home stadium is Zabrat Stadium) and Standard Baku.
Outside Baku other soccer teams with good results are: Turan from Tovuz (1993/4 champion), Kapaz from Ganja (the 1994/5, 1997/8 and 1998/9 champion), Inshaatchi from Sabirabad, Khazar from Lenkoran (2005/2006 champion), Kur-Nur from Mingachevir and Shamkir from the city of the same name. 


Sports Clubs

Baku has a great tradition in associations and clubs, particularly as far as sports are concerned. Soviet education encouraged excellence in all sports and that is still reflected today. You'll a find a very wide range of clubs and associations to suit all tastes, ages and purses. 
Below, some of the clubs in Baku: 

38 Darnagyul rd. 
Tel. 628106
Army Sports Club 
1 H. Javid 
Tel. 392 057
Chess Club 
42 H. Hajiyev 
Tel. 945979
Dinamo Society 
32 Azerbaijan av. 
Tel. 937060

Neftchy Football Club 
Saint-Petersburg av. 
Tel. 401461
Siver Gym 
21 Khagani 
Tel. 985337
Sports Club 
Block 1902 Moscow av. 
Tel. 666104
Sports-Technical Club 
38 Darnagyul rd. 
Tel. 626255

see also: Organizations of expat Azeris and International friendship societies 

Sports Federations

Acrobatics Federation 
Tel: 714330
Aikido Federation 
Tel. 675895
Artistic Gymnastics Federation 
Tel. 915692
Azerbaijan Football Federations Association 
42 H. Hajiyev 
Tel. 944916 
Fax 989393 
Bicycle Federation 
98 St. Petersburg av. 
Tel. 941205
Chess Federation 
Tel. 926747
Draughts Federation 
Tel. 940573

Field Sports Federation 
Tel. 660387
Grass Hockey Federation 
Tel. 641070
Handball Federation 
Tel. 393578
Tel. 664361
Modern Pentathlon Federation 
Tel. 625868
Tennis Federation 
Tel. 380010
USHU Federation 
Tel. 944940
Wrestling Federation 
179 Azadlig av. 
Tel. 619806


Sports Centres

Baku Entertainment Center (w/ swimming pool) 
1130/33, F. Bayramov Street 
Tel. 902222
Fitness Centre Delphin 
Block 2035 Khiyabany 
Tel. 672881
Fitness Complex 
2 B. Sardanov 
Tel. 923123
Fitness Complex Billue 
38 Darnagyul rd. 
Tel. 629206

Olympic Club (w/ swimming pool) 
1 Bakikhanov 
Tel. 981234
Sports Complex 
Block 3097 Darnagyul district 
Tel. 626544
Hyatt Regency Fitness Centre 
1 Bakhihanov st 
tel. 981234