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There are various types of accommodation available in Baku like other multinational cities.
Students always in need of budget accommodation a little bit comfortable and luxurious.
Students have 4 option to accommodate himself.

Having an apartment is better choice as its more comfortable and equipped with required facilities. The rent price of apartments, of course, depends on which region of Baku you're located. In the center it will be more expensive than the more distant areas of Baku. I assume you can find 1–2 room apartments for 300 Azn–500 Azn where 3 to 4 persons can live comfortably and cook for themselves with their own can help you to find better choice for you and also amlak (real state) agents can help you.

Home stay is best choice to learn language, culture, to know more locals and to make strong relation.It is also a cheap but comfortable way of living.

There are various hostel available in Baku, this is cheapest way to liv in Baku. Hostel provides free wifi, washing and cooking facility.
Global Hostel located at Bulbul Prospekti is a good choice.
Global Hostel opposite AF Mall,Bulbul Prospekti.Baku.

There are various hotels which offer monthly wise room with breakfast and other necessities. This is expensive way of living but very comfortable and luxurious.