About Us

About The College

Aims of college?
"The College" is a young, dynamic is sense of offering programs according to market's demands and a progressive higher education institution in Baku, Azerbaijan.
Although the college is young, college will provide equal opportunities to primary, secondary and adult level students. The College aims to provide needful skills to be successful in low cost. To empower them with skills which will allow students to meet with their future employment?
"The Colleges" will show this confidence in our programs and their teaching methodology.

Benefits with us
For students starting their education career with us in April 2019, We offer our students the most comprehensive student support package in Azerbaijan.
We want you to concentrate on achieving your full potential and making the most of your time with us. That's why we offer our students the following benefits included within tuition fees.

1. Computer Lab:
Computer labs is available for students use. Lectures, helping materials and Software can be downloaded or can be transferred into your devices.

2. Online assistance
Tutors and their lectures are available. Use of apps related to study program will be provided and their operations will be guided.

3. Access to Printing Allowances:
All students are allowed to print out to prepare study notice. Printing materials should be relevant to study programs.

4. Credits Hours transfer
College has credits transfer facility with colleges in different countries, i.e. like Australia, Canada, Germany, UK and USA etc.

5. Twin Degrees
College has branches in Azerbaijan and Lithuania. Full time students can transfer their study or can study half programs in Azerbaijan and half in Lithuania.

6. Leisure
Despite of providing sports venue facilities we aim to provide students opportunities to participate in competition in the country and outside the country.

7. Support
We offer you support at every step of your life journey, our staff are dedicated to supporting you throughout your studies, social problems etc.

8. Employability
we will train students practically and skill wise to make him/her best choice for employers and also we will invite employers to meet with students to.


Rector Message:

I strongly believe that "The College" will play a significant role in the transformation of our country and our region in the coming years. Through our educational, research, and social contributions we will shape the future of our society. This confidence in our programs and belief in public good will be our motivation to work tirelessly and decisively.
Hereby, we invite students, academics, and educators who believe that they can excel and be productive in such an environment to find out more about our college and to join our community.

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